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  • Pete Prunkl, Awards Committee Chair

Huntley Earns Civitan Club "Hope" Award

Rosemary Smith of Civitan International called this afternoon with the news that the Civitan Club of Salisbury won the 2015 H.O.P.E. Award. Only one award is given each year. Clubs have to qualify to apply for the award by obtaining at least a $250 increase in candy box sales. At the CI Convention our club will receive a trophy, a distinctive banner patch, as well as a $1,000 contribution in its name to the Civitan International Research Center.

The H.O.P.E. Award is one of Civitan International’s most prestigious honors. It recognizes truly outstanding achievement through Civitan’s Candy Box fundraiser program. Clubs are judged by their success in fundraising, as well as how they use funds to help people with developmental disabilities. Our club was the unanimous choice of the committee. In addition, our club was third in overall candy box sales for large clubs during the 2014-2015 Civitan year.

Credit for this award lies with Wanda Huntley and her dedicated team of candy box maintainers. Frank, will you see that this announcement gets in the District newsletter? Thanks to all who helped in the application for this award.

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