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  • Bill Bucher, Jr., Civitan Media Chair

Nine Awarded 2017 Civitan Scholarships

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2017 Civitan Scholarship Winners, who were recognized at last Thursday’s business meeting.: The 2017 Civitan Scholarship winners! Pictured from left to right, Sharma Amin (Morton Lerner Civitan Scholarship), Kaylon Morgan (Dr. Walter Low Tatum Scholarship in Nursing), Olivia Hedrick (John Nelson Haden Scholarship in Music), Chelsea Heusinger (Dr. Walter Low Tatum Scholarship in Nursing), Megan Hampton (Rev. Milton B. Faust Scholarship in Education), Corbin Smith (Clifford Peeler Humanitarian Scholarship), Hannah Walser (Dr. Jack Knox Scholarship in Education), Avery McGrail (Rev. William K. Adams Memorial Scholarship) and Bailey Herndon (Michael Yang Civitan Scholarship). We also wish to thank our benefactors and the Board of Directors for the Civitan Club of Salisbury Charitable Foundation, Inc. for making these wonderful scholarships possible.

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